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Short Answers to the Tough Questions (Expanded Edition)

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Got questions? Dr. Ruwart has answers!

The ideas of liberty are bold – even startling – to those encountering them for the first time, often leading to some pretty tough questions for libertarians.

What would YOU say if someone asked you a question like these? • Would I be allowed to drive drunk in a libertarian society?

• How could we have national defense without taxes to fund a military?
• What is to control price gougers in a libertarian society?
• You would let people practice medicine without a license? That's crazy!
• Should my neighbor be free to possess thermonuclear weapons?
• Why shouldn't we intervene overseas if we can save lives?
• Should businesses be allowed to discriminate? • Imagine a drug that makes its users want to kill. Would you make it legal?
• How would libertarians stop developers from turning land around Yosemite and the Grand Canyon into housing developments?
• Would polygamy be legal in a libertarian society?
• Wouldn’t we become like the Wild West without some gun control?
• No child labor laws? So you want us to go back to sweat shops?
• Without zoning, how would I keep a porn shop out of my neighborhood?
• If assisted suicide is legalized, won’t every depressed teenager take it as an easy way out?
• What about people who didn’t save for retirement? Just let ‘em starve?
• If roads were privately owned, could someone buy my street and tell me to move out of my house?

Author of Healing Our World and libertarian activist Dr. Mary Ruwart offers powerful answers to these and other questions about liberty and the free society. Have you ever been stumped by a common (or even off-the-wall) objection to libertarianism? Not to worry! Now YOU have the answers!

Published 2012 by the Advocates for Self-Government.  286 pages.