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Operation Politically Homeless Kit

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Our Brand New OPH Kit Includes:

2 New Diamond Chart posters (double-sided)
1,000 New Deluxe Quizzes
1,000 Dot Stickers
10 Printed Banners

"Operation Politically Homeless is undoubtedly the libertarian movement's most valuable outreach tool. My personal experience with this activity was the most rewarding thing that I have done in my 15 years with the Libertarian Party -- and that includes the six televised debates for U.S. Senate that I did in 1982 and the Vice President's nomination and year of campaigning in 1984. -- Jim Lewis, 1984 LP Vice Presidential Candidate and author of Liberty Reclaimed.

"Every libertarian club or chapter should have at least one Operation Politically Homeless booth, and maybe more than one. And they should use them -- all the time!" --Ron Crickenberger, former National Libertarian Party Campaign Chair and veteran OPHer.

This "Libertarian Event in a Kit" has everything you need to start finding libertarians by the dozens or even hundreds in your community. Acclaimed -- proven -- and FUN!

Each kit includes 2 beautiful double-sided Diamond Posters, 10 Banners (2 each - Discover Liberty!, Operation Politically Homeless, Does the Government Do a Good Job, Political Opinion Survey, Student Survey), 1000 Dots (200 of 5 colors), 1,000 Deluxe Quizzes. 

Download and print a copy of the OPH Manual (PDF format):

Mini Manual

OPH Checklist