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How To Be a Super Communicator for Liberty

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From former Advocates for Self-Government president Sharon Harris, learn decades-worth of experience how to successfully share the ideas of liberty in order to persuade your friends, colleagues and family.

RON PAUL: "I recommend this book to everyone serious about winning the battle for liberty. ... These essays will help libertarians improve their ability to answer the tough questions, make our philosophy relevant to people’s everyday concerns, and most importantly win converts and grow our movement."

IF YOU'RE A LIBERTARIAN who wants to become highly effective at helping non-libertarians understand, evaluate, and embrace the ideas of liberty, then this book is for you!

In over 100 short chapters spanning over 300 pages, it offers hundreds of tips, tools and proven techniques to revolutionize your libertarian outreach. Just a few of these can radically boost your effectiveness as a libertarian communicator. Use the ideas in this book to dramatically enhance any kind of communication about liberty: writing, public speaking, casual conversation, outreach, campaigning, and more. You can put these techniques to work right away -- and begin making our world a freer and happier place!

Sharon Harris is an expert on libertarian communication. She's former president of the Advocates for Self-Government and she has spoken and conducted acclaimed workshops on the topic to thousands of libertarians across America for two decades. Libertarian writer James W. Harris has published over a thousand articles on liberty. Together they show you how libertarian communication can be easy, effective -- and fun.

Bonus: Delightfully illustrated by Baloo ("The king of gag writers" -- Smithsonian magazine) and Ted ("Little Orphan Annie") Slampyak!