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A New Dawn for America

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Roger Lea MacBride (1929-1995) was an American lawyer, political figure, and television producer. He was also the presidential nominee of the Libertarian Party in the 1976 election. (He also achieved a measure of notoriety in 1972 when, as a Republican elector, he cast his vote for the Libertarian Party candidates, John Hospers and Theodora Nathan, making Nathan the first female to receive a vote in the Electoral College.)

This 1976 book was MacBride's "campaign book" for the 1976 contest. In a heartfelt Introduction, he dedicated the book to Rose Wilder Lane, author of The Discovery of Freedom (American Heritage Library Edition).

The six chapters (Emergence of the American Superstate; The American Economy; Politicizing America; Foreign Policy; The Overreach of the Criminal Law; and A New Dawn) of this short book make a succinct introduction to Libertarianism.