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Minimum Wage Maximum Damage

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  • Why the minimum wage law is a "victimless crime" law.
  • How some big businesses and labor unions secretly benefit from the minimum wage -- and why many low-income workers don't.
  • Why the debate about whether the minimum wage costs jobs is over.
  • The fatal flaws in one of the most widely cited economic studies in defense of the minimum wage.
  • How the minimum wage makes it easier to be a racist.
  • How minimum wage laws give doctors, lawyers, executives, artists, college students, and other people privileges and opportunities that are legally denied to unskilled workers.
  • Which socioeconomic group is hurt most by the minimum wage.

40 pages.  Printed 2014 by the Advocates for Self-Government

The author, Jim Cox, is an Associate Professor of Economics and Political Science at Georgia Perimeter College. He is the author of The Concise Guide to Economics, and has published articles in The Orange County Register, The Cleveland Plain Dealer, Creative Loafing, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and others.